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Delivering, Conduct, CSR, D&I, AA1000
Delivering, Conduct, CSR, D&I, AA1000

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been tasked to ensure that organisations that they regulate MUST consider Conduct risk. This means  the FCA will audit that:

  • Consumer get financial services and products that meet their needs from providers they  can trust
  • Markets  and financial systems are sound, stable and resilient with transparent pricing information
  • Firms compete  effectively, with interest of their customer and the integrity at the heart of how you run your business

Would you want the following?

  • Would  you like to reduce and manage risk?
  • Want products and services that meet customer needs or in the customers own interest?
  • Have distribution channels that are transparent  for your customer?
  • Effectively engage with your stakeholders, customers and staff?
  • Have Diversity and Inclusion strategies that  meet the  requirements of all protected characteristics
  • Have strategies and structures  that give oversight and reduce risk to your business and customers?

We work to your requirements

The courses have been designed so that salient high level messages can be delivered to meet your requirements of time and space.

We can deliver at:

  • Team briefings
  • ‘Lunch & Present’ events

We can readily facilitate more in-depth analysis or debate specific to your Market.

We can help you manage your Risk Appetite, the level of risk that the organisation is prepared to sustain whilst pursuing its business strategy, recognising a range of possible outcomes as business plans are implemented.

Our bespoke Training Courses include:

  • Conduct Risk -Introduction of Conduct Risk in the financial sector
  • Stress management & Performance efficacy
  • Psychosocial risk factors
  • Cultural incongruence
  • Concept of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
  • Unconscious Bias & perceptual narrowing -the impact Bias on the efficacy of any decisions we make and risks that could result
  • Diversity & Ethics -Diversity and Ethics as part of Corporate Social Responsibility and up to NVQ level 3
  • Inclusion & Diversity -compliance in I&D, exploring and identifying conflicts faced by individuals and organisations


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