Clinical Commissioning Groups

We provide a complete range services to meet all of your of your Statutory obligations under the Equality Act 2010. This includes:

  •  Annual Public Sector Equality Duty report – full drafts to compliance audits


  • Equality Objectives – Engaging and consulting key stakeholders that can represent all communities defined as ‘Protected Characteristics’


  • Equality Impact Analysis – Expert analysis with extensive experience of NHS policy functions and services including QIPPs, ‘Better Care Fund’, IVF policy and transformation of services.


  • Equality Delivery System (EDS) – From Annual review and audits to Full scoping and implementation engaging  with key stakeholders to produce and agreed statutory required Equality Objectives.


See the short ‘clip’ below for detail of how we will use the 9 step process to comprehensively deliver the EDS.

We can meet all or any of your specific requirements no matter how small. We would also be delighted to have ‘chat’ of how we can help provide full service to Interim support…….just contact us.


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