Professional Biography

Professional Biography

In my professional capacity I have developed systems to address issues of equality, cohesion, communication and engagement that follow good practice and that have mechanisms for response, monitoring, evaluation and review. I am registered member of the Institute Of Equality & Diversity Practitioners (IEDP). I have produced Equality Schemes, strategies, policies Charters and project initiation documents (PIDS) regarding Equality and Diversity for numerous organisations. I was the lead for Equalities for London (NHS) and the Equality & Diversity specialist within NHS North Central London. I have now set up my own Consultancy company Engagement & Equality Solutions Ltd and have been busy providing services and products right across the new NHS from Foundation Trusts, Commissioning Support Units and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

I have strong project management skills (conception to execution) and extensive knowledge and experience of advising and providing (cost effective) solutions at all levels. Advising NHS Barnet Priorities forum on the individual funding request ensuring that equity and human rights is at the heart of decisions for high cost treatment. I was also the project lead for our IVF contracts and saved the organisation half a million pounds in contract negotiations and halved waiting times. In addition I was the Primary Care Trust’s Emergency Planning officer (EPO) and have written, updated and trained staff to use the Emergency and Business continuity plans.

I have previously worked as a consultant for The 1990 Trust to the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and acted on the response to the government’s white paper for ‘ A new Commission for Equality and Human Rights as well as their consultation for a new race strategy, ‘Strength in Diversity’ which informed the new Equality Act. I have always put forward a ‘business case’ for Equality & Diversity to demonstrate not only commercially beneficial impacts but also the positive impacts to our clients (public and patients).

I have been involved in depth with the strategic planning and in rolling out of the National Standards (Drug & Alcohol National Standards), working the key stakeholders such as the Home office, the National Treatment Agency (NTA) and the Drug Strategy Directorate (DSD).

I have ensured that equalities and cohesion have been a key consideration in the development of strategies nationally and organisationally. I have used Equality and Diversity as the “Golden Thread” that runs through the core of my involvement with stakeholders. I have been able to affirm that the principles of equality, diversity and risk are built into all policies and procedures, which are regularly monitored. I have produced an Equality Impact Assessment/Analysis (EIA) tool that included a risk assessment which has been demonstrated and used at a national level.

Strategically and nationally I have “equalities proofed” national policies, competency based learning modules, national professional standards (DANOS) and various other documentation for national decision making bodies, as well as national service providers and local authorities.

I have maintained the “Golden Thread” of Equality and Diversity as a key factor when I sat on the Millennium Awards panel ensuring that Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) applicants get a fair and culturally sensitive treatment.

I have acted in a consultative capacity for the NTA, DSD, Drugscope, CJNTO

I was commissioned by Skills for Justice to produce a NVQ level 3 Module for the criminal justice and related fields on ‘Diversity and Ethics’ that is currently being rolled out nationally.

My role as the National Training Officer for The Federation had a specific remit to incorporate the principles and practices of the equality and diversity in the development and rolling out of the “Sixth Sense Leadership & Management Toolkit training” programme.

Further Information

I produced a submission for the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, on the strength of which we were invited to give oral evidence/submission. The Macpherson (Stephen Lawrence) report used extracts from my submission to part define “Institutional racism”.

In my role as Independent Advisor to Scotland Yard (and founding member) for highly recognisable and successful Operation Trident we helped build links with the Black communities and the manner in which they are policed from racially and cultural sensitive standpoint. I have also delivered training on ‘Equality Impact Assessments/Analysis’ to the independent advisors.

I sat on the panel of the ‘Black ITC strategy group’ for DfES, advising on tenders for Black information technology projects.

Successfully undertook casework for victims of Hate crime. This was highly successful and helped gain confidence with the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. Additionally, I have given legal comment and drafted minor legal materials/contracts and policy documents for a number of organisations.

I advise local authorities on hate crime and I am a Director of the Hindu Council UK with the remit on social and Human rights. I am a Registered Member of the Institute of Equality & Diversity practitioners (IEDP).


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